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front door search begins!

Happy Saturday!

The summer is rapidly approaching !!! 🙂 – while also somewhat petrifying, as a new front door is something we absolutely need before the rental season. Our quirky home currently has two front doors. Yes, strange. The one that we use primarily opens directly into our breezeway; the other is somewhat on the right side of the home, opening into the kitchen/living room. We ultimately want to close up the second door and only use the entrance to our breezeway so that is the door we are focusing on.

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beach house before

2015 was a crazy, crazy year for us. January began with finally acting on a dream we’ve had for awhile – finding a place of our own at the beach. Being that we both have Jersey Shore roots and with the insane NYC apartment prices (& sizes!), we decided that vacation real estate would be our best investment.

I will never forget the day Matt and I had planned on going down to look at homes with our broker. Key words – HAD PLANNED. I was SO excited with a list of houses we couldn’t wait to check out. Of course my body was not on my side and I came down with the stomach bug. Thankfully, my parents went in our place to vet out some properties.

My Mom’s first words when seeing this house = old Pocono’s cabin. At first I was discouraged, but considering it was 4 houses off a private beach we wanted to see it anyway. It is a definite fixer upper but we ended up falling in love with the location, layout & overall property size, and last but certainly not least, the idea of having a project. After some back & forth negotiations we finally closed on our first home at the end of April 2015!

See below for some ‘pre’ photos:

front of Faber Lane

front of Faber Lane

Isn’t the wood paneling so charming?! 😉

beach house living room pre-renovated

living room


1st floor bedroom pre-renovated

1st bedroom – 1 full bed



2nd bedroom – 1 full bed


beach house pre-renovated kitchen






2nd floor twin bedroom

3rd bedroom – 2 twin beds


4th bedroom

4th bedroom – 2 twin beds


5th bedroom

5th bedroom – 6! twin beds







As you can see, there are beds on beds & panel on panel. Luckily (?) the house was sold furnished, so we’ve been able to go through each room one at a time instead of feeling rushed to buy furniture for every single space.

The first thing we did was to rip up all of the carpeting and paint the paneling white. Being that we closed in late April, we didn’t have much time to make changes before the summer rental season. Now that the craziness of our wedding & honeymoon are behind us, we are picking up where we left things! 🙂

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