We started off our honeymoon with two nights in Bangkok. To be honest, coming from NYC, spending time in a chaotic city wasn’t at the top of my list. However, between the warm people (not to mention the warm temperatures!) and the amazing food, Bangkok truly impressed us.

Our hotel choice was the Sukhothai, located in the Sathorn business district. It perfectly fit our needs; removed from the hustle & bustle with easy access to the downtown river area.
After a 12 hour leg from NYC to Dubai, then another 6 hours from Dubai to Bangkok, we were very surprised by our energy levels upon arrival to Thailand. After a smooth check in we headed to dinner at nahm, by the widely acclaimed chef David Thompson. This meal was absolutely outstanding! When our hotel concierge stated that they do not alter the spices for locals, we knew we were in for a good meal. A very chic, upscale vibe – we could have almost confused it for NYC ;).

the sukhothai hotel :: bangkok, thailand

the sukhothai hotel :: bangkok, thailand

The next day jet lag was surprisingly on our side & we packed a ton in. We visited the Emerald Palace (via the Bangkok SkyTrain like true New Yorkers!), shopped at the weekend market, and ended the day with a food tour by Tuk Tuk.

The Chatachak Weekend Market was my favorite part of our city exploration. We were pleasantly surprised to find vendor after vendor of trendy, affordable clothing, cute jewelry, fun treats and most importantly – street food! I bought a few tops (all less than $5!), some colorful pouches (can’t get enough!) and Matt got a trendy backpack for $7.

chatachak weekend market :: bangkok, thailand

chatachak weekend market :: bangkok, thailand

After our two nights in Bangkok and plenty of heat to warm us up from a New York February, we were more than ready to head north to the mountains of Chiang Mai.

bangkok food tour spicy papaya salad

spicy papaya salad

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