fence success & french door install

GUYS! Our fence is FINALLY up! After some trials & tribulations with the first fence installment attempt, they were finally able to put up the majority of it on Friday. It looks amazing! Who would have thought that a fence could completely transform a property? You can check out some pictures of the pre-fence here.

While waiting for the new fence to come in, we gained an extra week – which was actually a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to bring in a landscaper to remove ALL of the nastiness that was “pre-yard” including yucca plants, an outdated wood brick fireplace, and a random concrete brick wall.

We were planning on doing this work post-fence, but it made it a lot easier being that the landscaper didn’t have to work around an enclosed area. Below is a highlight of the landscapers removing the brick fireplace. A little more intense than originally anticipated!

We got down on Friday and were absolutely thrilled to see everything looking exactly as we envisioned.

Saturday we decided to tackle another project :: installing french doors in our back entrance to the breezeway!

The most I really contributed in this endeavor was moral support BUT after around 12 hours of tearing off shingles, ripping out the old doors, sawing, and wood beam swapping – we have gorgeous new doors to overlook the yard and fence! Kudos to Matt and my stepdad for spending all day Sunday in the pouring rain wrapping this up to avoid a huge hole in our house until we could get back down the shore again!

While they were working on the doors, my Mom and I got acquainted with some wood filler. I know, this task is so minimal in comparison to a door installation – BUT the previous homeowner had a slight obsession with clutter. She called herself a garage sale fanatic and being that we purchased the home furnished, we have a lot of junk to sort through. There were about 400 nail holes (no exaggeration) on the first floor from pictures and relics that were hung on the walls. I’ve never really used wood filler but it made SUCH a difference! After some filling, sanding and re-painting we are good to go!

Final door picture below!

Now the question is… Since half our siding is already off do we just reside the house now?!