front door search begins!

Happy Saturday!

The summer is rapidly approaching !!! 🙂 – while also somewhat petrifying, as a new front door is something we absolutely need before the rental season. Our quirky home currently has two front doors. Yes, strange. The one that we use primarily opens directly into our breezeway; the other is somewhat on the right side of the home, opening into the kitchen/living room. We ultimately want to close up the second door and only use the entrance to our breezeway so that is the door we are focusing on.

Our current “front” door is quite the mess.  You can see in the picture below (a very HAPPY picture – last April when we closed on our house!) that it is a bit non-traditional as it has 3 oddly sized panels. Each of the side lites contain cheap plastic binds that can open and close and also have screens that desperately need some TLC. This is likely due to the fact this room was once a back patio .. maybe one day we’ll understand the way this home was originally configured 🙂

closing day :)

closing day 🙂

We are spending the weekend in NYC (for once!) and after a barre class & coffee with my friend Lauren, Matt and I headed to the new Lowe’s to check out some front door options. Being that New Yorkers don’t typically need front doors we didn’t have the MOST luck. But, after grabbing some brochures & eyeing the other dreamy products (CANNOT wait to do the kitchen!) we headed home to look up some online options.

Front doors aren’t something I noticed until we bought our house. It’s crazy how much your perception changes once things become more relevant to you.  In our door search, I keep reminding myself how important it is to remember the ultimate end goal of how we want our home to look. Check out this post on exterior goals for a recap!

Julie Hillman Design

Julie Hillman Design

Our two main goals are to maintain the amount of natural light as best as we can, and also finding something that isn’t too costly.  Will keep you posted on what we choose!

What are your thoughts on a front door and where have you found the best selection?