fence fail

You know the feeling when you attempt to make a new recipe, and you’re SO excited envisioning how pretty it will look and how amazing it’ll taste… when 3/4 of the way through, you realize that you’ve completely screwed up a key component. Next thing you know, your hopes and dreams are in the trash. Yep, I do. Happened to me a few weeks ago with this exact ombre cake :)… & that is exactly how I am feeling after this weekend.

If you’ve been reading along you’re aware that our fence was scheduled to be installed bright and early on Friday. Well, the day did start off on a great foot! The trucks arrived and the workers started by taking down the old crippled fence.  Our property looks so naked without that thing but totally needed. You can check out pictures of the old fence here.

current fence state

current fence state

Much to our dismay they began unpacking the new fence and we realized the supplier completely messed up. Our 4 foot fence looked more like a 2 foot fence. At first look, we thought it was a sample it was so tiny! So back to the warehouse it went. Next thing you know, the fence company recommended we have a landscaper in to grade our property while we wait for the new fence.

Couple all of this with an unexpected piping issue in our garage & a few other curveballs and we have ourselves a hot mess. Just like an episode out of Fixer Upper I guess it never all goes smoothly, right?!

The bright side in all of this is that it’s an opportunity to invest a little more than we were planning, but to do it right and to take baby steps to having the dream beach house we’re ultimately envisioning.

Should everything go according to plan… the correct fence will be installed on Saturday. We’ll be back down Friday night and I’ll be sure to keep you posted :).