fence countdown!

Guys!!! SO close to the weekend and do you know what that means? Our fence is finally getting installed. Unfortunately this project was pushed back a week due to some ceaseless rain. Finally clear skies are abound and we should be good to go!


When exclaiming my excitement, one coworker asked in confusion if we had dogs – not really wrapping their head around why a fence would be SO monumental. I guess I should explain :).

We removed a ton of pine trees a couple months ago which was beyondddd needed. For some strange reason they literally surrounded our entire property; who wants a shady backyard at the beach? The needles were everywhere & seriously cramping my style so having them gone is such a step in the right direction.

old fence

HOWEVER, once the pine trees were gone it exposed how truly terrible the current fence is! Also, for some reason when the trees were removed parts of the fence fell down. Go figure. Our home is a corner lot so not only is it an eyesore to us & our neighbors but also to the rest of our little community.

old fence mantoloking nj

From a visual perspective I’m not a huge fan of vinyl. I’ll take a wood picket fence any day. But, we are thinking sustainability and maintenance here so vinyl it is.

old wooden fence at beach

I’ll be sure to post some more before & after pics as soon as I’m down there Friday.

Have a great hump day!