Unbeknownst to us, Krabi is much more nature oriented than Phuket thanks to it’s unspoiled jungles and forests. After being a bit let down at our first Krabi hotel, we were fortunate enough to see Phulay Bay Ritz Carlton Reserve was right down the street. A quick email last night and they had a room ready for us (and upgraded!) by 8am this morning. Service like that just means the world when you’re far from home and in a bind.

This hotel has completely blown us away. From the gigantic infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea, to the larger than life room we are beyond pleased with our choice to change hotels. What I’m loving most is the property’s quaterfoil theme which can be seen in the most unexpected places. Skylights, mirrors, even the brass securing the glass on the vanity features this  flower! I am absolutely inspired to bring this motif into our Faber Lane decor.

March is the beginning of the low season (no clue why – it’s perfect weather in my mind!) so the hotel is only 50% booked which feels like even more of a treat. For a resort town with rocky beaches, a nice pool is a must. Phulay Bay has a gigantic infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea. Besides two other couples, we had the entire pool to ourselves.

Will be heading to dinner shortly- stay tuned for more!