fireplace drab to fab

This weekend we FINALLY headed down to the beach to continue the work on our house! We started off our morning Saturday by meeting with a few different fence contractors. It’s funny but you quickly realize, you don’t really notice details of something like a fence until you need to pick out your own :). Now I am noticing concave vrs convex, different heights, and gate options. Talk about adulting.

Our home is in desperate need of a new fence so this is at the top of our list. We took down a few trees a couple weeks back and that really illuminated the messiness. The backyard is our #1 priority in updating before the summer begins!

After our fence consultations, my Mom and I began to tackle the fireplace. Above, you can see what the fireplace looked like before we began. Dirty, dingy and just not appealing. After about an hour of an attempt at scrubbing it (with no luck), I decided that painting was a must.

Ignorantly, I thought this would be a quick speedy process which was not the case! We started by applying two coats of Kilz Premium Stain Blocker – Interior/Exterior Water Base. This step was by far the most time consuming – getting into all the little divets of a stone fireplace is not easy!

After the primer dried we applied 2 coats of Valspar Signature Ultra White – Semi Gloss Interior. I really like how the slight sheen adds some dimension to the stone.

We were a bit apathetic about the previous natural stone… but now that this is done, I could never imagine going back. What do you think?!

fireplace :: after!

fireplace :: after!